Thursday, December 7, 2017

Navy Tweed Jacket

Having grown up as a private school girl, I'm always a bit hesitant to embrace plaid and/or tweed, for fear of too much resemblance to my high school uniform. This oversized blazer won me over with its coat-hybrid vibes and oversized pearl buttons, with I felt naturally called to be paired with my beloved Gucci loafers, another item in my closet that brings back high school memories of standard issue block heels with square toes from my knee socks-wearing days. That paired with the fall leaves that are still covering the ground in Toronto... well I guess you can consider me nostalgic for my navy plaid days.

Wearing: Zara tweed jacket (sold out in xs and s, similar here and here), ASOS turtleneck, Zara jeans (sold out, similar here), Gucci shoes, Saint Laurent bag


  1. Flawless combo!! Your tweed jacket and Gucci shoes are superb!


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